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Stylesmith, I love a crisp button-down shirt, but even when they fit perfectly, I get gaps over my bust. I've tried safety pins, but they always show. Got a solution?

Do you love man-tailored shirts but hate those gaps between the buttons? Tired of spending the day adjusting the fit of your shirt over your belly? Have you ever noticed this does not happen to Hollywood stars, no matter how they are built and no matter how they move? Ever wonder why??? Because they use adhesive tape to solve the problem! There's double-sided tape for clothes. Use a strip to seal the fabric together between the buttons, and no more gaps. Use the dots to attach your neckline to the tops of your bra straps and no more wiggling to adjust those either! Park a scarf in the absolutely perfect position and don't think about it again until it's time to take it off!

The strips are hypo-allergenic, (most are actually made by 3M, and marketed by a host of companies). Here's a link to getting Fashion Tape at, one of my favorite sources for shoes and a whole lot more!

The folks at carry Commando strips and dots, along with a lot of other stick-on fashion saving products!

On a similar note... Summer's upon us. If you're looking at those wonderful halter tops and despairing because your breasts have gone south, rejoice! Bring It Up breast lifts will free you from the insanity of strapless bras that don't work, halter bras that are never in the right place, and nipples that no longer point north! Take a look at the video on the designer's website and order them for a worry-free, totally uplifting Summer!

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