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Donation Request

My name is Karen Smith and I'm a stylist in Tucson, Arizona. My niche is that I re-outfit my clients in high-end and designer clothing from thrift stores and consignment shops, keeping the process both affordable and sustainable. Feel free to browse the website to get a sense of what I do.

I'm writing to ask you to donate clothing and accessories to Tucson's most precious resource: artists. Specifically, artists in need.

I was a fine arts major at school and have spent that last several decades as an award-winning journalist and publicist. Through it all, I've dressed friends and relatives and gotten involved in dressmaking and costume making along the way. When I began noticing Baby Boomer women giving up on dressing with passion and vitality, my first instinct was to write about it; my book, "Stylishly Sexy" will be printed later this year. It's a how-to guide for women entering their second act and shows how to do with verve.

Tucson is a unique city with a huge and vibrant arts community. That's particularly obvious when it comes to music: Grammy winners, Hall of Fame song writers, national Bluegrass champions, international Blues challenge winners, opera stars - we've got them all. Unfortunately, the local economy has been in a tailspin for the past several years and that's affected each of these talented performers. They are struggling to make ends meet while pursuing their musical careers.

Most of the female musicians are unable to perform in anything beyond worn jeans and a top. For a recent television appearance, one group borrowed shirts "without holes" to appear on camera.

These women are extremely talented, and beginning to receive national attention: that calls for the right clothes. I began soliciting donations from my regular clients to help these musicians. My goal is to create a foundation for women artists (in all disciplines) who need apparel to take their careers forward.

Leftovers, returns, end-of-season pieces - whatever you can contribute, it will become part of the working, performing wardrobe for these special ladies. Sizes run from 0 to 26 so everything you can contribute is bound to fit someone!

In addition to their heartfelt thanks, I propose to document the use of your donations so that benefactors will have an ongoing window into how their generosity is helping these artists advance. In addition, your name will be featured on my website as a donor and will be included in all the press materials I create to publicize this project. Links to your website or to those of your retailers can be arranged as well. Email or call me with any questions.

I look forward to hearing how you will help these talented artists!

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