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Hello! My name is Karen Smith and I've got a peculiar gift - an unerring eye for personal style.

I don't mean that I know what's in fashion (although I do, I find it compelling to watch what designers are doing every season). What I excel at is looking at someone and knowing how they would look their absolute, drop dead sensational best.

From grade school onward, I'm the person friends and relatives called if they had to dress for an important event. From job interviews to weddings, I've found the right clothes in the right colors and cuts to make people look fantastic.

Once people look fantastic in their clothing, they start to feel fantastic too. And that leads to changes on the inside: confidence soars and my clients really begin to master their own lives.

Karen R. Smith, Image copyright 2014In short, I often feel like Cinderella's Fairy Godmother - I create magic, although you'll have to find your own transportation to the ball!

After doing this after-hours while I plied my trade as a journalist and publicist, I've decided to switch roles and style full time. I recruited a staff and formed liaisons with the beauty professionals my clients need to succeed. I began writing my experiences and now I'm in the final throes of preparing my book, "Stylishly Sexy" which is scheduled for publication in 2014.

I work with men and women of all ages, sizes and shapes. In very short order, I get them looking their best, and teach them the skills so they can stay that way.

If you don't love your clothes and how you look in them, we should talk. Call or email me today. You're gonna love the new you!


I'm a Guru

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Karen R. Smith, Image copyright 2014

Karen R. Smith



"What fun this is! I had no idea that having someone with a good eye could make one of my most hated jobs, shopping, so much fun. And I had no idea how much I would stretch and grow in many areas - by way of this kind of personal shopping and changing the way I dress. What an opportunity this has been to get in touch with old messages and make changes and have fun.

Karen is a real gift in my life-supportive, loving, caring and oh so much fun. And the entire process for me has been about seeing my body differently and enjoying what I see and what I can do. And most importantly, having fun in the process. Thanks Karen!!!

---Sylvia (Tucson, Arizona)


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